Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Fix

It seems that with all the laundry, cooking and cleaning
{ohh don't forget homework mine and theirs}
the only thing I have time for is quick fixes!

see this hinge. it was falling off
which means the door won't close right
which means there is a whole lotta door slamming
which means momma has a big ol' headache

bet you can't guess where that leads
hhhmmm how did you know?

to the short kid's bedroom
bet you can't guess why you only get a close up either
it's very , very scary in there!

why do 5 year old's think it is so much fun to swing on doors?
idunnoknow but it drives me *batty*

you see these long screws?
those were in the top hinge already
looks like someone already had a problem with this door

so then I'm thinkin how in the world am I gonna tighten up these
hinges if the screws are already 2 inches long?!?
I couldn't find and longer screws in the garage black hole
I don't think they come any longer
unless. I used lag bolts

I gabbed my tube of liquid nails
and stuffed some in each hole
screwed the same screws back in
shoved a book under it to keep it still
till the short kid came home

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